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Why "Grow Faster. Go Further."?

Two Reasons:

Jesus has given you a desire to both grow your venture AND make a greater impact.

Growth is not wrong. Check your heart – yes. Make sure you’re not simply serving some larger is better idol – for sure. But a growing venture can be a powerful tool for making Jesus known. We want to help you grow as fast as possible.

And make a greater impact? Leaders love to make great impact. We at FiveTwo love to help that happen in communities where the impact has to do with Jesus. Where more people are loved and discover their God loves them infinitely.

You are Jesus’ rep on the front line. We’re here to make sure you’re succeeding in divine ways.

Together we’ll usher Jesus’ Kingdom into our neighborhoods and communities.

Why "StartNew Summit"?

The secret sauce for bringing new life to communities and churches in the United States is to enlist Christian entrepreneurial leaders who want to live out their faith in their ventures by starting and scaling new. This gathering will empower you to do just that – growing faster and going further! Plus, those who spend time in the trenches need a mountaintop every now and then. What better place to discover that than with like-minded climbers in the heart of Austin, Texas?

What is FiveTwo?

We’re a network that started to help church planters but soon realized if we could encourage and mobilize entrepreneurial Christians from all walks of life, well, that would be a force worth investing in. They’re already out there starting new stuff. What if we equipped them to do it really well, in the name of Jesus? Yeah, that sounds cool.

Since that revelation we’ve equipped over 2,500 entrepreneurial Christian leaders from all walks. We’ve empowered women and men to grow their God-given dreams into businesses, non-profits and ministries that make an eternal difference.

These new ventures range from schools to landscaping services to homes for sex-trafficked women to mobile food banks for entire communities.

It matters not what you want to start or scale; if you want more people to know Jesus through it, we will help you do it. We’ve even developed a signature, start-to-finish course that leads you every step of the way. You can find it at

Wherever we go, we want to leave a legacy of long-lasting Kingdom growth. You’re how we want that to happen.

Is StartNew Summit for business owners?

Yes, yes, and yes. You are the entrepreneurial leaders serving people day in and day out. You’re investing in the community. You want to see good happen. We treasure your experience and want to protect your heart. At every turn we will be speaking your language.

Is StartNew Summit for non-profit leaders?

You bet. You have the hard job of starting and leading greater-good efforts in communities, often without a safety net. At StartNew Summit you’ll discover people and knowledge who can help you navigate the difficult work of building and collaborating in underserved neighborhoods.

Is StartNew Summit for pastors and church leaders?

For sure. We love the local congregation. Our founder, Bill Woolsey, is a pastor who knows the challenge you face. We’re here to encourage you as you’re trying to care for a community that’s changing around you. You’ll discover great ideas for how to start and scale ministries that last for generations.

How can I get a discount?

We offer discounts for students in full-time educational programs and for groups of 4 or more. Email Julie Judman if you qualify as a student. Groups of four or more, your discount will be applied when purchasing your tickets.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the work required for us to create a great experience for you, a 50% refund will be offered if cancellation occurs on or before October 1, 2021. Thank you for understanding. Please email for info.

Should I bring a team?

Is the sky blue? Is Austin in late October gorgeous? Do you seriously want to know our answer to this??? YES! It’s easier to show than tell, so bring your team of dreamers with you. We even have a discount for groups of 4 or more here.

How can I volunteer to help with the event?

“Julie, here’s another one!” Simply fill out this form or email Julie Judman at, and she’ll get you on board.

How can I get my council or leaders to send me to the StartNew Summit?

We have you covered. Simply download and share our nifty “10 Reasons to Send Me to FiveTwo’s StartNew Summit” pdf. It’s imbued with secret convincing dust. Your organization or church will be blessed. You’re welcome.

When and where is StartNew Summit?

Just in case you missed it on every other page of the website: Thursday, October 28, 12:30 pm at the Arena at 800 Congress Ave. in Austin, Texas.

How do I get to StartNew Summit?

  • 1. Open your trusty Google maps app and google 800 Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701 -or- stop by your local gas station and buy one of those paper US atlases. It’s probably out of date, but, oh well.
  • 2. Get in your car and follow the map.
  • 3. Lyft, Uber or rent a car and get thee to 800 Congress Ave.

Where do I stay?

If you’re coming from out of town and need a place to crash, see our hotel list here. Renting a B&B might also be an economical solution if you’re bringing a large group. Or, just grab a couch at a relative’s house. We’re sure they’ll understand.

How do I sponsor or partner with FiveTwo's StartNew Summit?

Thank you for asking. We can’t do this without you, and neither can the people we serve. They need resources like you. Go to our sponsor’s page here and download our info packet. We would be honored to have you partnering with us to provide an incredible experience for the men and women on the front line of Jesus’ Kingdom. Thank you!

Are meals included?

Lunch is included. And nap-repelling snack food. And that all-important Happy Hour at the end of the day.

Still have a question?

Send an email to Julie at, our gathering coordinator extraordinaire.

Personal. Practical. How-to. From men and women like you.

Starting new and restarting old is hard. That’s why we invited a cross-section of Christian entrepreneurial leaders to share their lives of starting new from scratch or from old. Be inspired for the road ahead by mentors, coaches, and friends. Don’t go it alone. Find a tribe who realizes together is the only way forward.

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